Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sorry baby no time for love

Sorry baby no time for love

This was a message on the rear of a truck that carried tubers of yam along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway which I encountered as I travelled to Lagos recently. Trailers, tankers (petrol and diesel), trucks, buses (danfos and molues), taxis, big and small have these sorts of writings on stickers stuck to the outside of the windows and rears of the vehicles). Trust me, I will read anything that flashes across my eyes. So I usually will read the words on these vehicles anytime I travel, sort of like a habit. Some are very funny (and I will just chuckle or smile to myself), some misspelt, and some have letters missing (for those which have each letters affixed individually).

Typical phrases like “go on soun”, “jeun lo soke”, “ko sin kan”, “ekene dili chukwu”, “eni a fe lamo”, “where will you spend enternity?”, “Babangida”, “Are you ready”, “I dey Kampe”, “nothing spoil”, “Nothing do you”, “The end is near”, “Omoge, something for me?”, “Mi o le tori e commit”, please feel free to add more at this juncture.

The drivers of these vehicles express just whatever is on their minds right there on the vehicles in a very open-minded and carefree way. Unknowing (or knowing) to them, the words are read and some information are being passed. Sometimes when in the company of some friends, we could point out funny ones, spelling errors, missing letters (which sometimes changes the meaning of the phrase or words).

The one which read “where will you spend enternity?” struck me recently as a very good question to ponder on for anyone particularly in the wake of this New Year. Though the word eternity was misspelt, the message was clear. Even though we know that life on earth is temporal, many tend to live their lives as though there is no life hereafter. Some years ago after my final exams in the University, I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus and for the first time, I knew the meaning of the word peace and I still recollect the sense of great joy that I felt. I won’t say I have been a saint since then, rather I have been unfaithful, disobedient and the likes but I have come to understand the relationship God wants of each of us …. Father to children relationship. A relationship which can be compared to the earthly type but even much deeper. A relationship of love (unconditional), giving, trust, reverence, obedience, providence, honesty, humility, growth and maturity. An enjoyable relationship.

So back to the question, where will I spend eternity? The answer is with my father of course. What about you? I enjoin you to seek out this relationship and get the assurance in your heart to that question.


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