Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Be Bold and Be Strong"

Hello my good people! It’s been a while since I have written something here. This has been due to recent load of work activities as well as unavailability of help on the homefront. Hopefully these are being overcome and here comes my new post.

"Be bold, be strong, for the Lord thy God is with you” This is a bible verse written to Joshua to encourage him to go to war against his enemies as he went over Jordan. It wasn’t an encouragement for him to “pray” whether in his house or within the congregation. Of course, it is assumed that he must have had times when he prayed. This is coming on account of some statements made recently by Pastor Adeboye of RCCG in an interview by Christian Purefoy of CNN (or if you would prefer I use the Nigerian way of reporting which will read “a popular pastor with a large congregation which holds meetings along the Lagos Ibadan Expressway”… oh,  come off it). I didn’t watch the programme live but I got so many reactions on peoples facebook profiles to reflect how they felt/perceived those statements. This made me download the interview and listened to it myself. I must confess I am a follower of this great man but I must also quickly admit that I was disappointed with some of the statements as most people were. Of note is this statement


This is a fear based statement rather than faith. He admitted during the interview that the church could do more in terms of participating in the political process stating that RCCG members have been so focused on making it to heaven that they didn’t want to get involved with the earthly politics.My introductory part of this write-up is a bible verse which encouraged courage in the face of adversity/war and enemies, numerous and powerful. It was also to charge him up so he doesn’t get discouraged at anything in himself, any unfitness for such service, as he might think, or at any difficulties he might fear from the people he had the government of, and was to lead on; it was enough that the divine Presence was promised him. In Nigeria, this is equivalent to be a charge to be courageous in the face of bad leadership, in the face of corruption sweeping over the entire nation, in the face of unnecessary deaths (Jos killings, road accidents (usually caused by bad roads with potholes here and there and not some “spirits” as many are made to believe), kidnapping, ritual killings), in the face of high cost of living, in the face of “do or die” politics, in the face of outright lawlessness, in the face of injustice and reckless embezzlement of resources meant for the general populace.

Nigerians have allowed much sentiments (particularly religious) to becloud their reasonings and so I expect many to make comments, call me, email and say to me “ do not to touch his anointed, neither do his prophet harm”. I mean no harm but as a young person aspiring to also do exploits in the vineyard of the Lord, I honestly think young people should be able to assert their stance on what is right, true, honest and virtuous under any circumstance if we hope to get the desired change. We must also resolve that no one must be allowed to scuttle this change, whether young or old, rich or poor, short or tall, dark or fair, literate or illiterate. Much of the poverty in the land is a direct result of all the aforementioned national issues which are also responsible for many of the sicknesses and diseases and deaths which plague our people who run from pillar to post all in a bid to find a cheap way to resolve an ailment which can be treated in a hospital which is equipped with the appropriate equipment and qualified personnels. If we are able to resolve these issues, then we can narrow down on issues which might require “prayer and fasting” and act on them appropriately.

As leaders (whether religious, social, national, group), there is an onus on us all to “watch” what we say and do as many are “watching” us. Our communication/behaviour should not exude negative connotations contrary to what we proclaim as it rubs off on the minds of the people who follow us. One of the reasons why people can’t be mobilized for the desired change is because their hearts have been guarded by fear instead of being charged with such words as have been spoken to Joshua in the days of the Israelites who sought a land flowing with milk and honey right here on this earth. Even olden days people desired a better life. Indeed, the church needs to do more in the "reawakening" process.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist Minister who was involved in a struggle to end racial segregation and discrimination in America. His “I have a dream” speech have paved way today for change in America like it has never been and has birthed many young crusaders for change and progress all over the world. My dream for this nation and continent is that we will rise above the lowest rung on the hierarchy of needs as stipulated by Maslow (need for clean air, water, food, shelter, safety and security) which will cause us to begin to act unselfishly and begin to pursue higher needs and contribute to the betterment of our world. I rest my case and expect to be crucified.


  1. It is instructive that MLK was also a minister or pastor and he led numerous marches and non-violent sit ins, in which many were arrested for the gospel. I wonder where our people get their orientation from.

  2. I completely agree with you. I recall watching the interview too.
    Like you i like him as a minister of God.
    He is outstanding in the sense that he is humble.
    However, and also like you, i can't help but wonder, why he is stalling to speak out against corruption and mobilize the people like MLK did.
    Then again it could be because his congregants don't have the stomach for it, and he is appeasing them. Its not supposed to be like this. So i hope am wrong.
    In either case, the word of God is clear for all of us to discern.. and i have discerned that we the people must speak out, and i am sure the ministers of God will pick a side, lest they be put to shame, before God and man.

    1. Thank you Greg! It's about time we live true to God in taking a bold stance against corrupt men and their practices. Without that we will just keep lamenting till forever..

  3. Mary, I must say I enjoy your write and I would like to add my own opinion on the matter. Before now, I had an unreserved respect for Pastor Adeboye until the 2012 fuel subsidy issue and he did not even utter any statements, then it dawned on me that something is wrong somewhere. And what is that thing? Friendship. The bible says friendship with the world is enmity with God. Adeboye is friends with the people raping and milking this nation dry. He courts the company of these looters and of course they reward him handsomely. Akingbola and Cecilia Ibru are classic examples. He also courts the company of our dear President, how do you expect he speaks against them? I am not at all suprised at his cowardly submission. James Ibori, Tinubu, GEJ just to name a few are constant visitors to his abode. So he cannot for the life of him say anything against these people