Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My childhood longing

When I was young, I remember we all (my siblings, friends, relatives and even parents) used to fantasize about traveling to “Oyibo land” (overseas). Back then, my elder brother had found his way to the UK and used to send lovely items and photos from time to time. It was a good feeling of hope….that someday I will get to that beautiful land where there are many beautiful structures, places, flowers, roads, food (cheap) etc. Nowadays though, I see pictures of people who have visited one European/American/Asian country but that longing has completely changed. Though plans are underway to go for vacation in the very near future, the longing currently in my ‘little mind” is a longing for things to change right here where we call our dear own country. Lagos has kept the hope alive for this longing. Within a space of 4yrs, there has been tremendous transformations within the metropolis.Cross River also. I wished that the tables could turn so that the “oyibos’ can long to travel to Africa (Nigeria) like I used to when I was a little child.
Dreams do come true, I believe.


  1. Things will definitely change in our land and we will become the envy of other. This is because we will have a righteous leader and honest princes will serve under him. Together they will make our country like a well nourished land.

  2. Keep hope alive babe. Change will happen in our life time!

  3. Yep...reverse dreams too. Have hosted friends from Nepal, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, Germany in Nigeria over the past 23 years, and they keep coming back.

    Cheers Mary.

  4. Tx Peeps, it won't be long that this change will become real and evident for all to see