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Religion and Mind Control (Nigeria as case study)

Guest Post

By Awofaa Gogo-abite

Steps to ensure proper understanding of this post
1) Be open minded
2) Think independently
3) Make your conclusions

Freedom of speech is free until the speech is made, but applying logic and experiences from what you see and hear every day will give you a clearer understanding of this piece.

Psyche is the totality of the human mind, conscious, and unconscious, making it the most effective way to control the mental  output of an individual or a group of people irrespective of the societal status of such an individual. It is no secret that ideas and products can be sold to either a few for a great price or many for a fair price logically they all equate to the same thing in returns. If you go to a shop and you see a shoe/bag that you like and on the price tag it was written N15, 000 but 50% off making it N7, 500, what comes to your mind? Statistically people will tend to say/think “maybe I should utilize this opportunity” considering another case “you go to the shop and the price the shoe/bag you like is N7, 500 what comes to your mind? “hmm kinda expensive”. Logically this is THE TRICK most psychologists hired by shop owners to sell their products “SALES” use.

The most effective means to control the mind of people is through SPIRITUALITY but it’s the easiest way to control the Nigerian mind irrespective of how educated the individual is. What will you think when number of workshops and workmen increases but the output (productivity) decreases? I will share a brief story as ride through predicament. November 22nd 2007, I and my friend were in a city bus like the (BRT) in Port Harcourt just going to a distance 18kilometers away. We were listening to music and making jokes but after few minutes “brothers and sisters IN JESUS NAME” a voiced roared and trust Nigerians without looking at who shouted they all replied “AMEN”. The man in question was directly opposite our seat and he noticed that we didn’t reply, so he said turning away from us” brothers and sisters if you know you have nothing against God and you God is greater than you- “PRAISE THA LORD”..And a loud AMEN came from everyone excluding me and my friend Harry. So the man proceeded after saying a journey mercy prayer (for 18kilometers journey), and he said “My name is Mr.” ……” I’m a mobile pharmacist and marketer bringing out an ID which no one bothered to take a look at, after explaining some medical jargons, I have this medicine it’s 3 in one, contain vitamins good for your bones, helps your waist in the morning, suppress menstrual pain in women and helps manhood in men, a man bought this medicine in a bus owerri to Lagos and today he is calling and thanking me! Usually this medicine goes for N300 in the chemist shops but here I will sell it for N150 and N450 for three. I wasn’t surprised to see the great rush and he left for another bus saying “God bless you all”. That was the his invention of psychic control of the NIGERIAN MIND, the first rule is you have to win the people’s trust by involving “GOD” trust Nigerians we love “GOD” by God I mean the Nigerian “god”. Secondly...(SUBMISSION) you have to find a means to make the others who thinks opposite feel guilty quoting his “” brothers and sisters if you know you have nothing against God and God is greater than you- “PRAISE THA LORD” what he meant that we those that didn’t respond are devils.

A wise man will ask what you expect in a nation where 70% of the population lives on 2 dollars a day which is directly proportional to illiteracy and mental inhibition. It’s no news that 95% of Nigerians pray every day at least once, my childhood friend had migraine but deliverance from evil spirits was prescribed until everything got worst and the doctor came to their rescue, as I proceed deep into my theory let me rephrase a quote “Logic will take you from A-Z of this article but Imagination together with what you see and hear every day will make them understandable”. In every primitive or modern society there are certain problems that are prevalent or problems peculiar to some people depending on culture, history, technology, literacy and poverty rate for example Japan have nuclear energy someone doesn’t need a prophet to tell them to be expectant of nuclear accident, therefore that being valid I will proceed. The Nigerian religious houses are more into psychic control of the people by offering them placebos to the highly expectant and miracle awaiting population. In an average Nigerian society we have certain problems childlessness, elephantiasis, convulsion in children, poverty, family problems, birth defects all attributed to SPIRITUALITY. I want to emphasize how these are stepping stones to mind control.

In a gathering of over 30,000 Nigerians anyone can predict problems people are facing due to its prevalence a perfect example is going to student convention and you say “I see someone here, you have been trying to pass one particular subject but it’s difficult for you, but keep faith in the lord it shall soon be over” or I can say someone here is having problem with the school due to lack of fees but give unto the lord for his ways are unknown to men” Did I just control someone’s mind or not? Yes I did because these are very common problems amongst students and those having such problems would have thought God revealed that in the spiritual world for the speaker.

In a Nigerian gathering of 50,000 people I can boldly predict in a sermon that “someone here anytime you wake up from you feel some pain on your back and lower back, sometimes very sharp and sometimes not, the lord is about to visit you soon” then I will add the enemy is oppressing you in your sleep but it’s over “It’s not rocket science to know that these are very common ailment in a Nation like Nigeria due to hardship, bad posture and diets. Almost 10% will have such problems but the logic is that based on declaration I just made if someone is relived by the medication he has been taking or by the correction of posture he will attribute it to the man of ‘God”. Did I just control somebody’s mind that I don’t even know? But if you doubt my theory keep reading.

In the same gathering I will say “someone here your neighbor has been giving you problems but don’t worry God is fighting the battle for you” We all know how we live in Nigeria as neighbors especially the FACE ME I FACE YOU there are always problems arising from various factors and some people tend to blame their neighbors for their situations. Did I control I just control someone’s mind? If No, keep reading. Then I will say “someone here the enemies are planning plane crash on your journey abroad and the other person they want your visa denied ha-ha the lord is control your seeds shall not be in vain” we all know how many people that want to run away from Nigeria queuing in various embassies. Did I just control someone’s mind? No?? Continue reading.

Then I will call out some children and say to them “DEATH IS AVERTED” you shall live and praise the lord Hmm interesting isn’t? Yet I didn’t tell them who and how, off course they will not question me because it’s a spiritual warfare. I guess I did control someone’s mind but wait to hear what will drive the people on their feet shouting and giving unto the lord, and here it goes “The lord told me to tell you that by the end of this month someone will move to higher glory amen!!! And you will see people on their feet shouting and saying AMEN!! It logically means that anyone that gets a job, or get paid or anything it’s because I (man of God made such declarations) but please don’t forget that our looting politicians and civil criminals also go to church. Did I control peoples mind now? The list goes on and things will fall in place naturally talking about laws of random selection. The poverty in the country created a jungle platform where the strongest species fights to the top of the food chain.

The final theory is “Financial submission”. The poverty rate in the nation automatically have made people hopeless and less expectant making them to settle for anything that comes their ways, thereby creating more room for easy manipulation. Therefore why work so hard and develop many fields of life if you can sow a seed and receive double “as if Christ was a money doubler”. There are specific phrases often used that renders one’s mind partially guilty and submissive, here are some “Our God is not a poor God” GIVE TO God so that God will give you back and flourish your ways “as if God is doing trade by batter) . I will also like you imagine a gathering of 50,000 Nigerians (a nation in which 70% of its population are below poverty rate) and I’m the pastors and in my words here I go (1) “Brethren how can you progress in your businesses if you cannot give unto the Lord? What is N10, 000 that you cannot not give to God? But you can drink beer with that money but you cannot give it to God and you are expecting a miracle (2) Pay your tithe!!! But you refused haha my brothers you cannot take Gods money that 10% belongs to him, give today and see your life flourish, Little did Nigerians know that Bill gates (an ATHEIST) the richest man in the world didn’t pay tithes to be blessed rather he worked with ideas and today he is putting millions in Africa to eradicate malaria, how many of our men of God are doing that?

Is not how funny at the end of every year the mega churches in Nigeria comes up with a new theme “my year of Passover” “my year of divine visitation” My year of riches” my year of great resolution” etc, yet the next year the same people will swing into another theme but the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and consuming the placebo “faith” “it’s well”. If obsanjo wakes up with the money Gej has he will collapse then you will know it’s not well. The logic in all these is that if you have been paying then your successes are attributed to the fact that you have been paying your dues (tithe) and if you have not been paying and not successful then it’s because you are cheating God by not paying, if you have been paying and unsuccessful then you have to wait unto the Lord because God’s time is the best, lastly if you have not been paying but successful then expect your downfall soon the Lord is just giving you time to change.

The intensity of the mind game is beyond measurable statistics but here is the easiest way to know if the above illustrations are valid or just propaganda. Get a calendar and mark the day you were born, from that date till today what are those things really important to the country that have changed because from that day till today Church attendance have risen, which means number of offerings have increased, number of financial breakthrough have increased, number of testimonies have risen, number of healings/miracles, number of deliverance have increased, number of revivals and crusades have increased, number of even religious TV shows have increased but in the same vein and in the same country poverty rate have increased, unemployment rate increased, number of deaths from various factors have risen, political instability has risen, insecurity has risen, child mortality have risen, corruption have risen, immorality has risen If you analyze these things it’s obvious that someone has been dotting his “T”s and crossing his “I”s. I think this question will further help you understand the message, how can the number of hospitals, doctors and medicine increase but instead of the decrease in deaths and diseases the opposite is the case? In other words how can there be more crime in a police neighborhood? It’s either that the police are part of the criminals or there are no police. Someone is actually fooling someone.

These hoaxes are due to the inhibition of imagination by the misinterpretation of the word “FAITH” which has placed many Nigerians in boxes that no matter what they see, hear or notice there is a box that prevents them from doubts and asking questions due to the fact that they cannot think outside that box.The internet has paved a way for fast delivery of information and opinions but try and follow up certain online forums and see how Nigerians react to news related to religion/men of God, one can only wonder if these are men of God or God of men because their actions are highly unquestionable , here are the GOLDEN RULES TO INHIBIT A NIGERIAN MIND 1) thou shall not touch my anointed 2) don’t dare question the men of God 3) don’t judge the men of God unless you want to attract curses unto yourself and generations but if these persist then apply social rejection. In Nigeria very famous prophet/pastor will prophesy which plane will crash next, which celebrity will die next, who will get rich next etc but no Nigerian is bold enough to ask if God reveals all these to him, then why won’t God reveal to him the members, sponsors and sympathizers of the group wrecking havoc on poor innocent Christians? Which prophesy will be more appreciable and valid to the people? But the congregation will always apply the golden rule therefore making people to live in fear. But mind you they will even make you believe that the reason you fell on a slippery slope because today was because you questioned the man of God. Is not in the same country that a man can abuse a child but you see people in their thousands in defense of such inhumane act but in the UK a couple (Nigerian/Pastors) were sentenced to 7 years for a similar act? Who judged them? I guess angels. Oh how easily the Nigerian mind is controlled!!!

Politics in Nigeria today is gradually turning into religion where politicians are men of God and we cannot also question their stewardship, many years ago in Nigeria there was absolute or relative separation of church and governance, but ever since our mind enslaving politicians discovered that Nigerians can submit completely to religion, the politicians so far have taken advantage of religion for personal motives. They use religion to buy the trust of the people and when they fail they use religion to gain impunity from prosecution. When Nigerian politicians are seeking power you see them running to different religious house donating money and seeking Gods favor (by that I mean buying the people’s trust). I was in a church and the politicians donated a power generator to the church and the people were so happy but no one asked why these men cannot do anything about the blackout in the community for a long time, yes the mind games is on so lick and swallow the sugar placed in your mouth. A politician in a state built a private university with state funds but the people cannot ask why because he built a church also and in good relationship with the majority religious leaders, Another politician that was actively involved in turning a peaceful state to a war front is also crowned a “knight” in a church yet the people cannot ask why! Another politician stole billions and thanksgiving program was arranged to thank God did Nigerians react? No they believe God touched him in prison and once the pastor prays and anything he says so shall it be and the list goes on. The Boko Haram menace in Nigeria is more political than religious but no one is asking why such group springs up, if there were proper education, jobs and basic amenities do you think such groups will spring up? But when our politicians embezzles the funds meant to be used for those necessities they go to religious houses to give a token for the building religious houses, renovating the pastors house, buying a bus, etc then the people will always remember them and men of god will surely bless them and ask the congregation to emulate them. Now what is 5 million to man who stole 50billion? The mind game goes on but if you doubt me then you have to tell me the Nigerian politicians that don’t go to either churches or mosques.

The average Nigerian mind is thinking in one direction and cannot think outside religious rules that are why it’s easily to prey on them because of ignorance and submission. The majority of the people are thinking in one direction and that variably means no one is thinking.
(A friend once said that if you are doing a business with a Nigerian and he/she mentions God more than four times run aways it's fraud..)

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Awofaa Gogo-abite is a young, dynamic and passionate Nigerian. A liberated mind, he is an inspiration to the young generation who clamour for change within the black man's homeland.

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