Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Evolution

I am evolving and I’m loving it. I’m like fine wine, tasting better as it ages. But I have questioned “how did I learn this journey?” Did I learn it in Biology (Darwin’s theory)? Have I been taught in primary or secondary school? Was it one of the courses I offered in the University? The answer is none of the above. This journey has been initiated by the many travails of growing up coupled with the ‘privilege’ of living in a society as this. There is this channel inside which I have termed ‘my discovery channel’ which I have known about which I have somewhat been unable to fine tune the frequency as a teenager. Sometimes I pick signals from this channel and get some views and information but the many distractions of growing up, relationships, religion and the burden which our society laid upon the soul had made it impossible to keep the channel streaming. Moreso, it was not interesting considering that the norm was (and still is) ‘fast’, ‘flashy’ and ‘fine’. I was literally forced to keep at finding this channel until the ‘eureka’ moment when I dared to look and stay tuned. Though on the surface it seemed the programme airing was boring, I stayed with it. I have thereafter developed a love for this channel and have stayed permanently tuned on the inside to it. And like D’Banj says ‘fiile, don’t even attempt to touch that dial’, I subconsciously warn myself (and laugh out loud sometimes). I have met people who have stayed tuned to their own channel and I discovered that there is a connection. It most often won’t be the same programme airing on the individual channels but the overall purpose somehow aligns…I have felt a sense of shared purpose to some of these people. On the outside, I tune to other channels and relate to useful learnings. 

One of the programmes that aired on my channel was my natural hair journey (I just have to start a blog about this I keep reminding myself). I have often wondered why I had to hide away (or alter) the hair that grew from my hair follicles out through my scalp. I asked people around me but many seemed to have excuses as to why I ought to keep the status quo of weaves and relaxer up. There was not one attempt to answer this till I connected with some others who had asked similar questions. I got the answer staying tuned to that channel and ever since I have nurtured my natural hair and love the feel and the versatility of it. Amazing discovery it is to know that without chemicals (harmful), a woman can still be beautiful and like Donnie sang ‘We live from the head down and not the feet up, and I'm adorned with the crown..’.
(Stay tuned for my natural hair blog chronicling my hair journey more than a year now).

Interesting thing about my father’s name – Achor - is that it meant ‘a search’ and for as long as I have remembered I have been searching only now have I managed to come to the path where some answers have been provided to some of my questions. I have good reason to believe that names push their bearers to actualize their encoded meanings. I haven’t come to the end of my search, I don’t think we ever do rather like a Zen quote says “at the end of all our searching we will arrive at the place we began and know it for the first time”.

There is chaos in the world because there is so much emphasis on the outside (material) rather than the individual ‘insides’ (spiritual). There is much more chaos in this part of the world because our natural evolution as a people was truncated violently and rudely and there has been no attempt to get us back on the path….sadly. I believe the peace we search will only come when many people start tuning to their frequencies and staying with the programme even if they don’t like what is airing. The appreciation of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of ourselves will bring a new kind of insight on what nature desires of us and how to go about it. We need not be forced to tune to our channels hence my conscious commitment to guide my children and others to be able to tune in early (note the word early) to their channels in order for them to discover the uniqueness, creativity, beauty, and clairvoyance laden on the journey.  We need not be like a drunkard staggering here and there through life till a bucket of cold water is poured on us. I was one of such even though I had a strong mother who gave the best instructions she knew how best to give and believed in God. I believe the stumblings of the older generations need not be repeated by subsequent ones hence the emphasis on early attenuation to the natural frequency. And if you think National Geographic Channel on TV is interesting, I dare you to tune to your discovery channel and find out some of the world’s most brilliant events - unseen and unheard of yet.


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