Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Subsidized 2012!!!

Happy subsidized 2012, lol.
The events of the past eight days which stemmed from the announcement of the Federal government of Nigeria that the subsidy of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) or popularly know as petrol has got me involved in a lot of discussions on facebook and other media so much I put aside any update on this blog. The melodrama which got the term "Occupy Nigeria" has infused a lot of life into the political life of otherwise "docile" citizens. Many people came out (willingly) enmasse to occupy various places in different states of the federation. Information travelled at the speed of light through all the various media within the Nigerian space - Facebook, Twitter, Newspapers, Blackberry, Radio, Television (Channels TV was on top of the reporting and interviews). The normal conversations among neighbours were taken over by the dicussion about leadership, corruption and the impact of the subsidy removal on every item/service one might want to purchase. It was such a heated period, the anger and tension was palpable in virtually every Nigerian as the issues are discussed.

One highlight of the event was when a group of non-muslims in the North formed a barricade and watched while the muslim folks observed the jumat prayers and consequently the muslim went into the church on Sunday (15th January 2012) to solidarize with their christian counterparts. This is the climax for me and it was exhilarating to see religious walls being brought down to pursue a common cause. There are so many people with the walls still high up inside them but this singular example has shown that it can be overcome.

After much negotiations between government and NLC/TUC officials, the govt later proposed N97 and the tempo lost steam for the representatives of the Nigerian masses. They must have been overwhelmed by a lot of factors which are not immediately obvious to other folks who were not in the negotiating room. The factors may include death threats, Ghana must go bags of untold large sums of money, offer of juicy government positions, or simply unwilling to go another week of standstill since many people were unable to access banks for money to refuel and restock as planned for the weekend of Saturday and Sunday (14th and 15th Jan). The initial stance of NLC/TUC was N65 or no end to strike action. One would then understand the disappointment of many Nigerians when they heard that the strike has been called off on the afternoon of Monday the 16th of January when there had been an earlier announcement of a sit-at-home strike in the morning. The change in tactics was attributed to security threat as soldiers were seen deployed to strategic places in major cities which had hosted successful protests in the previous week.

I am quite satisfied with the result achieved and I believe a statement has been made loudly in the ears of those "cabals" who have held the people captive over many years in the name of governing them that power indeed belongs to the people.

So many articles have been published regarding the so-called fuel subsdiy, here is a link of my view written on the 24th of October 2011 when the government first hinted at the removal.

The people of Nigeria are unnecessarily suffering under a yoke of corruption which is being perpetuated by a group of people who desires power solely for the purpose of oppression and personal aggrandizement. The issue of subsidy or not would be needless if corruption is checkmated in the corridors of power and in government institutions. One achievement of this drama will be a quick passage of the PIB (Petroleum Information Bill) which is crucial in the fight against corrupt practices in the one sector which solely provides the country with over 90% of its economic gains.
I believe one who has courage today to say NO with large turnouts of young Nigerians will be able to do so again tomorrow (future) if the govt decides to play another trick on the people. Let the people in power know that the people are not foolish, cowardly or forgetful anymore..power belongs to the people and not the PDP type. This is only d beginning. The future is here and soon enough it will become more apparent.
Indeed this year will be different as the beginning has clearly shown and I'm confident that it will be for the good of each and every one of us.We need to keep our spirits up and be willing to converse more and more on the issues with our friends, family members, colleagues, church members, okada man, market women, barber, salonist, just about anyone we come in contact with.....we have this event as a reference point henceforth. We all need to keep the tempo of enlightenment up especially at the grassroots and anywhere we gather. Let as many people who are awake join in the cause of stirring the consciousness of those who might still be in slumber (this state is perilous).
The new Nigeria is close at hand, the God of heaven has heard the cries of Nigerians but we must persist in righteousness regardless of what the cabal does and call for accountability of the resources meant for every single Nigerian and not just a group of people. May the souls of those whose blood were shed in this struggle rest and may the people look back in retrospect to honour them. God bless every honest Nigerian!
This is just the begiinning.....

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