Thursday, June 30, 2011

Putting your best foot forward

I was less busy sometime back and while I was checking my facebook account, I decided to use the friend finder to find some long lost friends. As I scrolled down the page, what struck me was that there were no pictures of anyone crying, grieving, or having those sorts of emotions. Most of the faces were either smiling, laughing or just looking straight at the camera. I then thought to myself, "is it that none of these people experience sorrow, hardship, heartbreak and the likes?" Or is it a case of everyone trying to put their best feet forward?
Well, just as we know that even the most beautiful girl in the world uses the toilet, every event of life happens to everyone in different ways and to different extents. Putting one's best foot forward is a saying which means to present to the world or one's audience one's good sides, strengths, lovable/admirable aspect of one's being. It doesn't mean that one doesn't have weaknesses or flaws but it does mean we love to be seen at our best, as doing well, beautiful, endearing and in an interview session as intelligent, brilliant and very capable. Who doesn't like that?
As much as we create the impression of who we are through pictures, CVs and other means, our character remains what they are and no matter how beautiful the impression we create is, it only takes a chance meeting, bumping into, overhearing, to reveal our true self (that person who we really are when there are no cameras, when the lights are off, when no one is watching and when we are alone with our thoughts) to others.
It's good to put one's best foot forward but it's better to ensure that the other foot isn't too far away.
Have a lovely weekend!!

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